Two Types of Forms

Further, there are two types of forms you can create with the Gutenberg Forms plugin.

  1. Standard Form - That is simply named to define any form that is not a multi-step form.

  2. Multi-Step Form - A form that has multiple steps or pages to organize your questions/fields.

Whenever you click on "Add new" form from the "Forms" screen or you add the "Gutenberg Forms" block on any page or post, you get to choose the type of form you wish to create.

This is the screen you will see. First, give this form a name by typing the title of this form.

Notice the Gutenberg Forms box that gives you three options to start creating your form.

  1. Standard - This will insert a quick short standard form to help you get started.

  2. Multi-Step - As the name suggests, if you want to create a multi-step or multi-page form, click this option.

  3. Insert Form - This option opens up a popup showing you a growing form templates library. You can pick a template to start with.