The Select field allows users to select one option from a list using a drop-down control. It works similar to checkbox & radio field types with an exception that you can't add an image to your options.

Common Settings

To learn about the common settings that are applicable to all field types kindly refer to field settings doc‌

Below you will find details of additional settings that are particular to this field.‌

Field Specific Settings

Besides the common settings, there are currently no additional field-specific settings.

In-Editor Settings

Besides the settings available in the sidebar control panel, there are more options available for this field type in the editor itself.​‌

As you can there are controls on the screen to add and manage your drop-down options visually.‌

Firstly, each option has a few controls.

  • Input Field - Here you write the option label that also acts as the value.

  • ​​​​ Duplicate - Clicking this icon duplicates the option simply.

  • ​​ Delete - Click this icon to delete an option.

There are some options at the bottom.

  • Add Option - Click this button to add a new option.

  • Bulk Add - Click this button and it will open up a text box where you can simply bulk insert, edit or remove your options.

  • Clear All - Click this button to clear all the options you have added.

See in action those in-editor settings.​​​​​​

Add an option
Delete an option
Duplicate an option
Bulk add or edit options
Clear all options